Theatre Ad Infinitum
Wed 24th September 2014 at 19:30   £13.00

Theatre Ad Infinitum reinvent the timeless Greek myth. One actor. One hour. One man’s epic quest to reunite with his family and seek his bloody revenge. Passionate, highly physical, and poignant storytelling brings this breathtaking adventure to life. A journey that will ignite the imagination and awaken the senses…


Thu 25th September 2014 at 19:30   £8.00 | £5

Stephanie and Marianna Kapsetakis were born to Greek/British parents in Heraklion Crete in 1991. Their remarkable talent and passion for music and science has attracted wide praise winning them a stream of outstanding achievements. As twin sisters sharing the delight of performing and transmitting musical expression comes as second nature. Their musical studies began at the age of nine with scholarships from the Minoan Conservatory of Music in Heraklion where they received the Diploma of Piano Performance with highest honours, distinction and gold medals at the age of 17. At eighteen they graduated with the highest honours from the Music School of Heraklion and continued to develop their performance and technique in Athens under the close guidance of international soloist and conductor Dimitris Toufexis. Just one year after their first piano lesson they were awarded 3rd prize at the 7th International KONZEERTEUM piano competition in Athens in the 4 hands category. They won awards again in 2004 at the 10th International KONZERTEUM competition and the same year the 1st prize for solo piano at the National Arts Council of Greece competition. In 2012 they won 1st prize in the 4th Maria Cherogiorgou-Sigara National piano competition at the Megaro Mousikis in Athens and in 2013 the 1st prize in the 1st National Piano Competition of the Municipality of Larissa. They have played with many major ensembles including performances with the Pancretan Youth Symphony Orchestra (in Crete) , the Heraklion Music School Orchestra (in Germany) and have also been invited by the Athens Symphony Orchestra to perform in their concert series "Young Greek Soloists" and the Larissa Symphony Orchestra to perform in their 2014 concert series. They have attended masterclasses, seminars and been taught by some of the most distinguished International piano soloists including Philip Fowke, Yonty Solomon, Anton Kuerti, Dina Parakhina, Bryce Morrison, Martino Tirimo, Ratuslav Kvapil, Phillipe Cassard, Eugen Indjic, Joanna Macgregor and are currently studying in London with Christopher Elton. The Kapsetakis duo have been presented the Citizens of Honour award from the Municipality of Hersonissos in Crete, scholarships from the Eleni Schillizi Foundation to continue studies at the Royal Academy of Music and King’s College London, Greek State Scholarships of Excellence (for four consistent years), the Lillian Voudouri Foundation Scholarship and the Bodossakis Foundation Scholarship. They have also represented Crete abroad on commemorative occasions. Their repertoire ranges from baroque and classic composers of the eighteenth century to the masters of the nineteenth and twentieth onwards for solo, 4 hands and 2 pianos. They have also been the muses for pieces specifically written for and dedicated to them by several distinguished Greek composers. They regularly enjoy invitations from radio and television where many of their recordings are played. Marianna is currently in her 5th year studying Medicine at the University of Crete. Stephanie has an Honours degree in Biology and continues her studies in research at the University of Oxford.

Solo,four hands and two piano works of F Liszt,P.Ziegler, P.I Tchaikovsky,S.Prokifiev,J.Brahms.


Fri 3rd October 2014 at 20:00   £15.00

Marcus Brigstocke: Je M'accuse – I Am Marcus Podium dancer, oil rig worker, food addict, musical theatre enthusiast, posh, eco-hypocrite, ex-Goth, muppet fan, award winning comedian and chief beverages operator at the Little Chef – screw politics! Let’s talk about me.

“If you haven't seen him live, then you haven't seen him at his very best” *****

The Mirror

"Rare is the stand-up show that makes you laugh, think and then fight back the tears. This is it" ****

The Daily Telegraph

“Don’t miss this incredible show”.

Sunday Mirror


Sat 4th October 2014 at 19:30   £12.00 | £10

Moscow Drug Club.... Is a curious musical place where certain elements of 1930’s Berlin Cabaret, Hot Club de France, Nuevo Tango & Gypsy Campfire meet, have a few to drink and stagger arm in arm into the darkness of some eastern European cobbled street on a mission to find the bar where Django Reinhardt & Tom Waits are having an after hours jam with the local Tziganes. Combining their original material with songs by the likes of Jaques Brel, Leornard Cohen, Tom Waits & Bertolt Brecht, Moscow Drug Club provide an intoxicating & intimate musical experience.

You are cordially invited to share a wry smile with us as you enter the darkly comic world of Moscow Drug Club…..this way please & mind the stairs!

With… Katya Gorrie - Chanteuse & purveyor of sinister lyrical adventures Denny Ilett ~ Rhythmic & solo guitar administrations Mirek Salmon - Accordionistic chordal & melodic offerings Andy Crowdy - Providing eccentric bass-end rhapsodies Ben Cummings or Jonny Bruce - complimentary trumpet obligato's

“Nothing but praise for your performance, absolutely knock out, great musicianship and very entertaining!!”

“When Moscow Drug Club made their first appearances last year it seemed that they were artfully designed for success”

“Moscow Drug Club played a beautiful set consisting of musical talent beyond technology, beyond fx pedals and amp make, reminding us all of where music came from and what it is about.”


‘She has plenty to say, and says it with pointedness and potency.’ The Guardian
Fri 10th October 2014 at 20:00   £14.00 | £12.00

Star of Live At The Apollo, Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, and Have I Got News for You and Q.I Is back with a brand new show for 2014.

After being knocked up like a 1950's teenager Shappi missed 2013, but now she is back and it's forward march. Reflecting on the good things, she celebrates her haphazard, zigzag towards her dreams. She introduces us to friends, family and total strangers who have helped her on her personal Yellow Brick Road.k Road

She’s feisty, flirty and effortlessly funny she handles every subject with a razor sharp wit, softened only by her deliciously dizzy delivery and endless charm. Shappi Khorsandi is also the best selling author of ‘A Beginners Guide to Acting English’ by Bloomsbury out now in paperback.

‘Shappi is an endearing presence and possesses a charming self-awareness that ensures consistent laughter from start to finish.’


'seriously funny and suprisingly filthy'

The New Statesman

'makes live comedy thrilling'

London Evening Standard


Sat 11th October 2014 at 20:00   £12.00

Performed by a multi-award winning band who have headlined the ‘International Guitar Festival’ on several occasions, this is a Queen show like no other. From numerous Queen Conventions to TV appearances, GA GA have consistently proved why they are so highly rated by critics and audiences alike. There are no wigs, no make-up and definitely no false moustaches but instead a host of massive Queen songs played like they were meant to be.


Brian May


Official Queen Fan Club


Fri 17th October 2014 at 13:00   £70.00

Weds September 10th 2014 7.30pm The Sundial Theatre Company : Scandamania

Wed 24 Sep 2014, 7:30PM The Odyssey - One Man One Hour Loserville Cirencester College Christmas Production

Wed October 22nd 2014 7.30 pm :‘OwDyado Theatre: Above Bored

Thurs November 6th 2014 7.30pm: UK Touring Theatre : A Doll’s House

Weds December 17th 2014 Slingshot Theatre : Nativity in Creakebottom


Wed 22nd October 2014 at 19:30   £12.00 | £10

A police interrogation room. A woman has been detained for questioning after her boss is found dead in suspicious circumstances. In a room down the hall, her colleague also awaits an interview. Just routine questions. Just routine. But what if the monotony of routine was responsible for pushing one of them over the edge? When does bored become bored to death (albeit someone else’s death)? After all, perhaps it’s not unusual for employees of an adhesive supply company to feel a little … stuck. Above Bored is an original psychological drama directed by Simon Harvey (Kneehigh o-region) that explores the themes of ritual and performance. A captivating two-hander where the actors double as both cops and suspects, ‘Owdyado present a character-driven piece about two individuals who, on the surface appear to be happy, diligent employees. However, in the midst of the claustrophobia of the interrogation room and the persistent questioning of two sharp-witted detectives, cracks in their façade begin to appear - cracks that hint at underlying disillusionment and resentment. Above Bored focuses on dialogue rather than physical action to create status and tension. The script marks a new stage of exploration in writing style for ‘Owdyado, this third full-length show putting an emotional narrative at the centre whilst retaining the quirks and plot twists associated with their previous work.


Fri 24th October 2014 at 19:30   £10.00

O&O have alter egos. Several. There’s Wolfgang, an American jazz poet with a penchant for vegetables, an over zealous pair of recruiters, and Trevor, a man who fails to understand the necessity of trousers in public places. All part of their whole new show, ‘We’re Dead Serious’. This up and coming comedy duo are storming their way back round the UK in 2014 fresh from two UK tours in 2013.

This quick paced hour long show will also feature an exclusive preview of TWO BRAND NEW comedy short films from the duo, made with the award winning Cineon Productions from their six part comedy series released on YouTube. Expect a show of sketch comedy, gentle audience interaction, breathing and general unbridled joy.

“These two are original, energetic and genuinely funny. They utilise a combination of character sketches, topical songs, ridiculous poetry, and audience involvement to breeze through their fast paced hour long act… O’Shea & O’Gaukroger have a growing reputation and seem to be touring constantly throughout the country.”

David Humphrey,

“O’Shea & O’Gaukroger provide a great night of laughs… Both are very talented, and they engage brilliantly with the audience.”

Lydia Tewkesbury, Wildfire

“…such a talented comedy duo …laugh out loud funny…reminded me of an early French and Saunders at their very best. Can’t wait to see what they do next.”

John Tomkins Director / Producer


tutti frutti Productions
Sat 25th October 2014 at 15:00   £8.00 | £5 - Family of 4 £24

Do you want to hear a true story? Well.. imagine a place where what you see is not what it seems, A secret place with a hidden castle and hidden stories, A place where the Princesses don’t know they are Princesses and the Princes don’t really want to become Kings, A place where appearances can be deceptive! Do you want to hear an exciting story? Then imagine one wintery stormy night everything changes, The east wind blows through the castle of secrets, blowing away the cobwebs, lifting high the royal mattresses, ruffling feathers and unsettling all who live there. Do you want to hear a happy story? Then imagine a real Prince and a real Princess, oh and a pea! In this new fantastical adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Princess and the Pea, Mike Kenny and the inventive tutti frutti team create a funny, original, beautiful retelling of this familiar tale. Not for the faint hearted… fake Princesses… or those who have trouble sleeping at night! Not for the faint hearted… fake Princesses… or those who have trouble sleeping at night!

For everyone over 3!


Thu 30th October 2014 at 19:30   £15.00

CRAOBH RUA (pronounced CRAVE ROO-AH) translates from Irish to RED BRANCH and is a name that is well known in Celtic history from THE RED BRANCH KNIGHTS OF ULSTER. Hailing from Belfast they perform Irish Traditional music with their distinctive Northern style. Their music has delighted audiences and earned them wide acclaim and recognition and are now regarded around the world as one of the finest ambassadors of Irish Traditional Music. Craobh Rua’s impeccable musicians bring their own individual experience to the group and fuse their talents to bring life to a wide array of instruments such as banjo, mandolin, fiddle, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, guitar and vocals. They take a refreshing, unpretentious but uncommonly skilled run at some of the greatest music in the world.

They have given concert and festival performances in the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Brittany, Asturias, Belgium, Poland, Slovenia, Denmark, Norway, Bulgaria, England, Scotland, Wales and of course their native home - Ireland.

“Craobh Rua are free advertisement for everything that’s good about Irish Traditional Music – they play it from the heart and they play it superbly. Long may they continue to do so.”



BBC Radio 2 Folk Duo of the Year 2013
Sat 1st November 2014 at 19:30   £15.00 | £12.00

After winning the BBC Radio 2 folk award in early 2013 the duo toured and performed at many festivals and they have racked up over 60 shows in 2014 so far. All this whilst Sean has taken time to produce The Levellers with Imelda May, Frank Turner and Billy Bragg. This tour will further cement their reputation as one of the UK folk’s foremost duo at the forefront of the “Traditional Muisc” scene.


“A woman doesn’t have the right to protect her old dying father, or to save her husband’s life! I can’t believe that’s true…”
Thu 6th November 2014 at 19:30   £14.00 | £12.00

Torvald and Nora Helmer have it all: a loving marriage, three beautiful children, and a secure financial future as a result of Torvald’s new appointment at the bank. But Nora has a secret, and the arrival of an unexpected visitor on Christmas Eve threatens to tear their lives apart forever…

Following the success of their highly-acclaimed national tour of Strindberg’s Miss Julie in 2013, UK Touring Theatre returns with a brand new English version of A Doll’s House; Henrik Ibsen’s groundbreaking play about marriage, money, and the freedom of women in the late 19thcentury.

This production is the World Premiere of an exciting and accessible new English translation of A Doll’s House; touring to theatres across the UK this Autumn.

Suitable for age 12+ Running time 2hrs approx, with a 15min interval


Fri 7th November 2014 at 20:00   £8.00 | £5.00

A woman (or man) sits alone in her room. She’s sent all her friends away, except one: her ‘Lump’. An honest, vivid portrait of living with an eating disorder, based upon true life accounts of anorexia nervosa. Sufferers and/or vulnerable adults may wish to bring a friend.”.


She’s petite, Glaswegian, likes cats and – if she is to be believed – at one time collected thimbles. But such descriptions do little to describe the full power of Susan Calman who will be touring the UK this September fresh from her run at the Edinburgh Festival.
Fri 14th November 2014 at 20:00   £15.00

Lady Like is a chance to spend an hour with the woman known as “The Mad Cat Lady” to her neighbours, and Calman promises to reassure you, make you feel better about your own life and let you find out what being lady-like really means. How will she do this? With anecdotes, observations and no-holds-barred honesty of course, such is the manner of the feisty scot The Times called a “diminutive lesbian” with “chirpy, optimistic level-headedness.”

But Susan has a confession to make, and it’s a heart-warming one. Through plunging to life’s lowest depths she has, fortunately, come out the other end and wants to share her story. The show is, above all, a call to like ourselves no matter what others say; a journey of self-awareness, self-discovery and – here’s the fun bit – self-indulgence. Indeed, as the lady says: "All of us have mental health issues, it's just that for some of us, our issues make us go more mental than others".

Since studying law at Glasgow University and going on to work in the field (including a stint working with death row inmates in the US), Susan Calman turned to comedy and gained her first success by reaching the semi-finals of the BBC New Comedy Awards in 2005. Since then she has appeared on QI, Would I Lie To You?, Rab C. Nesbitt, BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, CBBC’s Extreme School and Channel 4’s Blowout, which won a Scottish BAFTA in 2007. She also won the Best MC Chortle Award 2012, and Best New Scottish Comedian at the Real Radio Scottish Variety Awards in 2009. This summer not only will Susan spend the month of August performing her show at the Edinburgh Festival but she'll also present Don’t Drop The Baton, a BBC comedy broadcast during the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July and August, and STV quiz show The Lie, which started broadcasting on March 31. Susan Calman Is Convicted, a BBC Radio 4 series exploring issues the comic feels strongly about, started on April 2. STRICTLY NO UNDER 16's

“Feisty Scot Calman is one of the best female comics to ever come out of the land of bagpipes and haggis. She’ll make you chuckle your pants off”


“Susan Calman exudes a cheery joie de vivre, but behind it is a steely Glaswegian defiance”


“Confident, compact and cracking”


Sat 15th November 2014 at 19:30   £20.00

Jimmy Buckley and his band are one of the top entertainers in Ireland and crowds flock to see them whether its a concert or a dance. Jimmy and the band have made big inroads into the concert scene in the UK and Northern Ireland. They are now considered to be one of the top Irish concert acts in the UK and they have had many sell out shows. Indeed the band and himself have also performed to dancing audiences in the UK for many years. Jimmy himself has performed on many of the Gertie Byrne cruises in the U.S. These cruises bring visitors from many parts of the U.S. and other Countries and he has been very successful on same and he has been requested to return again for the Cruise in 2014.

Jimmy has received many awards both in Ireland and also in the UK and he has been given the accolade “Entertainer of the Year” 2013. His album has also been awarded with “Album of the Year 2013” His new single “Lets go to Vegas” is so much in demand that he has to repeat same a few times during his live shows. The Jimmy Buckley show consists of old style traditional country music and some original material. Also some Irish ballads (his rendition of Noreen Bawn is breathtaking to say the least). His show also covers music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Jimmy also performs tributes to some of the greats including Hank Williams, Charlie Pride , Merle Haggard to name but a few and he flew to the U.S. to record a single with the late Great George Jones. He has also performed with many other top performers. His programme is very wide ranging with some great impersonations thrown in. Its set to suit all ages and is a very entertaining show.”

He is so looking forward to returning to the Sundial Theatre in Cirencester on Saturday 15th Nov.2014 to meet up with friends old and new.


Dot to Dot Drama presents: Puss in Boots.
Tue 18th November 2014 at 19:30   £10.00 | £5.00

Come and watch this witty, wily feline in Lynn Brittney’s comic caper this autumn. Brought to the Sundial Theatre Stage by local children in the hugely successful Cirencester Schools’ Drama festival, this is purrrfect family entertainment!


Fri 28th November 2014 at 19:30   £15.00

Iolo Williams takes us on a wildlife tour of his Welsh homeland from mountain tops to seashore.

On the way, we meet disco-dancing black grouse, the Lamborghini of the bird world, Britain's largest spider and a gender-changing fish. Iolo is Wales' best-known naturalist and his witty, enthusiastic and friendly style is sure to please budding naturalists of all ages.


Cirencester College Performing Arts
Wed 10th December 2014 at 01:00   £4.00
Wed 10th December 2014 at 19:30   £9.00 | £7.00
Thu 11th December 2014 at 01:00   £4.00
Thu 11th December 2014 at 19:30   £9.00 | £7.00

A new musical written by Elliot Davis and James Bourne (of Busted - inspired by his Son of Dork album ‘Welcome to Loserville’.) By permission of Josef Weinberger

“It’s 1971. Michael Dork may be a computer geek but he’s invented something that could change the world. he’s also discovered girls: a prospect (almost) as exciting as his love of binary.”

Now meet the class of 1971. this is their story and now it’s a musical.


Wed 17th December 2014 at 19:30   £13.00 | £11.00

Gus Blathermouth and his ‘All-Male Amateur Dramatics Society of Creakebottom’ are minded to stage a Nativity play in pursuit of their theatrical dreams and to promote the real meaning of Christmas. While God may be on their side talent is not, and neither is mysterious new recruit Michael Outwit, who in truth is local bombshell Susie Pimpleknickers incognito. When a big-wig producer from “that London” offers fame and fortune at the price of their message, the men are left to decide what matters most. Emerging company Slingshot Theatre are building a fine reputation for leaving audiences with laughter-induced injuries and no more so than in this ridiculous and rambunctious comedy, jam-packed with humour for anyone over 10.




Sat 24th January 2015 at 20:00   £16.00

In this stand up show, comedian Lee Hurst is back on the road to ask audiences what winds them up? Mostly people get on with living their lives, but everyone has at least one thing that gets on their nerves and makes their blood boil. What's yours? Lee, like all Brits, loves a right good moan, but he also likes to come up with solutions too. Lee is undoubtedly one of the UK’s funniest stand-up comedians; see him while you can.

“Unfailingly funny”



Sat 25th April 2015 at 19:30   £14.00 | £11

Corrinium Players Guitar Ensemble 2014 show, with the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet

Recognised as one of Britain’s leading chamber music groups, the Aquarelle Guitar Quartet is a dynamic and innovative ensemble known for its extraordinary ensemble in performance, expansive repertoire and ground breaking work in developing the guitar quartet medium. The quartet has performed extensively across the UK and abroad to critical acclaim, and is admired for its original arrangements of music from a wide range of styles, periods and cultures. The group also frequently performs new works by internationally renowned composers such as Clarice Assad (Brazil), Phillip Houghton (Australia), Stephen Dodgson (UK) and Nikita Koshkin (Russia) as well as drawing on existing repertoire. Formed originally at the Royal Northern College of Music (in 1999), under the guidance of Craig Ogden and Gordon Crosskey, the quartet went on to study with renowned guitarists such as Sérgio Assad, Oscar Ghiglia and Scott Tennant. Since then, they have received many awards and in 2009 were signed exclusively to Chandos Records. The first two albums, “Dances” (released in June 2010) and “Spirit of Brazil” (March 2009) both received excellent reviews from the press. - See more at:

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